Ian Tashima

Training Director & Lead Instructor

Ian Tashima began his instructional career as a Combat Advisor, when he was assigned to an Embedded Training Team (ETT) working with the Afghan National Army in 2006.  He volunteered for 3 more deployments as a member of another ETT, a Security Forces Advise/Assist Team and as the NCOIC of an airfield Security Force.

Between deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, he was assigned as a senior small arms instructor for deploying service members at Task Force Warrior, Camp Roberts, teaching handgun, rifle and machine gun employment.

Since 2014, he has provided open & closed enrollment courses to civilians, law enforcement and military.

Current & Prior Assignments and Positions Held

  • Primary small arms instructor for the CA State Marksmanship Coordinator (CAARNG)
  • Head coach for the CA Combat Shooting Team (CAARNG)
  • CA Combat Shooting Team member (CAARNG)
  • Senior small arms instructor, Task Force Warrior (CAARNG)
  • Program Manager & instructor, Squad Designated Marksman course, TFW (CAARNG)
  • Embedded Training Team Infantry advisor (Operation Enduring Freedom x 2)
  • Security Forces Advise/Assist Team PSD Team Leader (OEF)
  • Airfield Security Forces NCOIC (Operation New Dawn)
  • Unit Marksmanship Coordinator
  • Counter IED Instructor
  • Intelligence Analyst

Training Certifications

  • CA Department of Justice Instructor
  • Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor – NRA
  • Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor – NRA
  • Personal Protection in the Home Instructor – NRA
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor – NRA
  • Basic Pistol Instructor – NRA
  • Chief Range Safety Officer – NRA
  • Range Development & Operations – NRA
  • Basic SWAT – CSAT/Paul Howe
  • Tactical Pistol Instructor – CSAT/Paul Howe
  • Tactical Pistol – Tap Rack Tactical/Bill Blowers
  • Tactical Vehicle Engagements/TAPS Pistol & Rifle – TMACS, Inc/Pat McNamara
  • NVG Nightfighter – Presscheck Consulting/Chuck Pressburg
  • No Fail Pistol – Presscheck Consulting/Chuck Pressburg
  • Carbine – Lead Faucet Tactical/Daniel Brokos
  • AIWB & Red Dot Sight Pistol – Modern Samurai Project/Scott Jedlinski
  • Concealed Carry Tactics – Trident Consulting/Jeff Gonzalez
  • Handgun Mastery Program – Tactical Performance Center/Ron Avery
  • Practical Urban Carbine – Sentinel Concepts/Steve Fisher
  • Low Light Instructor – Surefire Institute
  • Active Shooter Response Instructor – ALICE Training Institute
  • Scenario & Safety Instructor (AKA “Force on Force”) – Simunition/General Dynamics
  • 250 Pistol – Gunsite Academy
  • 223 Carbine – Gunsite Academy
  • Concealed Carry Tactics – ITTS/Scotty Reitz
  • LEO/Mil Active Shooter Intervention – ITTS/Scotty Reitz
  • SPEAR Combatives Instructor – Blauer Tactical Systems
  • Law of Self Defense Instructor – LOSD Institute/Andrew Branca
  • Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing Instructor – EMRTC/DHS
  • Prevention of & Response to Suicide Bombings Instructor – EMRTC/DHS
  • Factory Certified Armorer – Glock, Colt Defense, Beretta USA
  • Master Trainer – US Army
  • Anti-Terrorism Officer – US Army
  • Combat Advisor Academy – US Army
  • Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare – US Army

All DD-214s, certifications, proof of insurance, etc. available for inspection at every training event.  Just look for our “Instructor Creds” binder, always present.


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