Paul Coulter


After a successful 26-year law enforcement career, Paul brings a deep understanding of what it takes to survive violent encounters and impart that knowledge to students.  He was either directly involved in, or participated in the investigation of, over a dozen Officer Involved Shootings while he worked as an officer for the City of Bell Police Department.

Critical to the process of surviving these violent encounters is understanding the stress and thought process of going through a defensive shooting.  Further, knowing how to make initial contact with first responders and what to expect from responding officers, post-incident, is crucial.  Paul brings this knowledge to our students.

He’s been a teacher, trainer and instructor for most of his career and is able to impart his knowledge to shooters of all skill levels.

Prior Assignments and Positions Held

  • Police Officer, 26 years – Bell PD
  • Firearms Instructor, 17 years – Bell PD
  • Field Training Officer, 12 years – Bell PD
  • Range Supervisor, 3 years – Bell PD
  • Concealed Carry Instructor – FOG
  • Patrol Sergeant – Bell PD
  • Arrest & Control Instructor – Bell PD


  • Police Basic Course – POST
  • Basic Certificate – POST
  • Intermediate Certificate – POST
  • Advanced Certificate – POST
  • Firearm Instructor – POST
  • Arrest & Control Instructor – POST
  • Basic Supervisor – POST
  • Crowd & Riot Control – POST
  • Tactics Covert Crisis Entry – POST
  • Arrest & Control instructor – LAPD
  • Basic MP5 – Huntington Beach PD
  • MP5 User Course & Civil Liability – Bell PD
  • MP5 Instructor – Singleton International
  • Field Training Officer – Southwest Regional Training Center
  • Field Training Officer Update – Riverside County Sheriff’s Office
  • Basic Course Requalificaiton – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
  • Submachine Gun – NRA
  • Range Safety Officer – NRA


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