Our Mission & Approach

To deliver current information, realistic training, and life-saving results.

Good information does not replace other good information.

We’ll bring you the best training available, no matter the source.

Whether conducted by our own instructor cadre, or by visiting instructors that we host, we will always provide you with proven experience, current information, realistic training and life-saving results.

We will never sacrifice safety while developing your skills; not your safety, and not the safety of other students.

Mechanics, Modules and Scenarios

We design each course curriculum in a building-block style that develops your skills in the most efficient manner possible, while maintaining a logic of progression.

We do this by first developing the underlying mechanics required to perform the task at hand.  Next, your skills are brought together in training modules that show how to apply those individual technical skills to your environment. And finally, we pressure-test your skills in scenario-based training events that reveal areas needing development and refinement.

We only employ or host instructors with documented experience in their fields, and verified instructional/industry certifications that qualify them to teach their subject matter as recognized experts in their fields.


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